Union Of Taxation Employees Collective Agreement

At the time of signing the collective agreement, the employer makes available to each worker a one-time lump sum payment of $400. 63.01 Except as stipulated in this article, the conditions for the application of remuneration to workers are not affected by this agreement. 3.01 The provisions of this agreement apply to the alliance, workers and the employer. To this end, any indeterminate worker whose services are no longer required due to a labour-based adjustment situation and for whom the Commissioner knows or can predict the availability of jobs, will be guaranteed an appropriate job offer within the rating agency. Workers for whom the Commissioner is unable to provide the guarantee have access to transitional provisions (in accordance with Parts VI and VII). 24.03 Both parties recognize the general benefits of technological change and will therefore encourage and encourage technological change in the employer`s businesses. In an effort to implement technological change, the employer will look for ways to minimize the negative effects on workers that may result from these changes. A person with a collective agreement may also agree with his employer additional terms and conditions. Additional conditions: 1.1.26 The credit rating agency provides surplus employees with a redundancy period of at least one (1) month prior to the proposed redundancy date, if the appointment efforts have not been successful. This communication must be addressed to the Alliance.

5.1.1 Surplus and dismissed persons who have been appointed to a lower position in accordance with this schedule must protect their wage allowances, if any, in accordance with the provisions of this agreement or, in the absence of such provisions, the corresponding provisions of the rating agency personnel program. 21.04 Without prejudice to the position the employer or Alliance wishes to take in the future on whether to regulate collective agreements, the themes that can be defined for joint consultation are dealt with with the agreement of the parties. 1.1.37 The credit rating agency ensures, as far as possible, that all workers subject to wage protection are given the privileged status of reinstatement. 1.01 The objective of this agreement is to maintain harmonious and mutually beneficial relations between the employer, the alliance and the workers, and to establish terms of employment for all workers of the employer, described in the certificates issued on 12 December 2001 by the Public Service Personnel Committee for the group providing administrative programmes and services. Collective agreements indicate the date on which they come into force. You can indicate that different parts of the agreement come into force on different dates. If no date is indicated, it will come into effect on the date the last party signs it. With a victory for canada Revenue Agency (CRA) members who supported Canadians during this pandemic, PSAC-UTE has reached a preliminary agreement that provides for fair wages, no concessions and improved working conditions. 3.1.2 According to the written notification, workers must declare their intention to move within six (6) months. If the worker does not intend to move with the relocated position, the Commissioner may give the worker either a guarantee of an appropriate job offer or access to the options covered in item 6.4 of this schedule.