Service Level Agreement Template Recruitment Agency

SmartRecruiters will take appropriate measures in terms of redundancy, monitoring and management of platforms to ensure optimal availability of services outside the planned maintenance windows. SmartRecruiters offers two steps of the client interface – standard and premium – for all of its paid subscribers (and especially for administrators of paid subscribers) to answer questions and resolve issues. You can find or report answers to questions and issues by using one of the following methods: In the event of a total failure of the primary AWS hosting installation, the operation is transferred to an AWS secondary device where a full service can be restored. Our security infrastructure includes intrusion detection services, security monitoring, limited physical access, limited network access, encrypted data access, redundant firewalls, isolated public/private LANs, isolated NAS and SAN access, and real-time virus protection. “Recruitment is an important partnership between personnel managers and the recruitment team. This lets everyone know that we place a high priority on recruitment. SmartRecruiters works hard to build and maintain a tolerant architecture and infrastructure. All core services on the platform are redundant with active failover capability. Core services include application servers, web servers, database servers, load balancers, and memory.