Debt Collection Agreement Contract

At the beginning, we will consolidate the parties who intend to conclude this contract. First, we identify the creditor. That is, the party that holds the debt. Note the monthly name, the double-digit day, and the two-digit year of the first calendar day on which the agreement becomes active. Then, in “II. Current debt”, we need to document the entire current debt that the debtor is required to pay. Use the blank line that will be placed in this instruction after the dollar character to record this amount of money. The third point, “III. Settlement Debt”, requests the amount of adjusted debt set for the purposes of this document, which will be made available in the blank line. This is the amount of money that the debtor has agreed to pay in the manner defined here in exchange for the cancellation of the creditor`s debt. Enter this amount in the blank line after the dollar character in this section. The section entitled “IV.