Boeing Aircraft Purchase Agreement

New clause, no corresponding clause number assigned under “old” scheme. New clause, “old” number assigned only for the internal use of Boeing. The clause was not published in DAC 26-730 issue 1/87, but was applied as a full text appendix to the controls. Boeing will review, if necessary, technical data and documents provided with previously delivered aircraft. This endorsement adds aircraft models 737145932ER; removes option 737145632, 737-832 and Rolling Option Aircraft from the sales contract and adds a price, configuration and expected delivery dates as well as advances for aircraft 737145932 737145932. one. The seller must establish and maintain an acceptable quality control system for mDC for goods and services acquired under this contract, and the seller authorizes MDC to verify procedures, practices, procedures and related documents to determine this acceptance. It is the MDC`s policy to regularly interview all vendors to verify compliance with the requirements of the MDC and the U.S. government that are part of this contract. The seller is committed to allowing MDC access to its premises and cooperating with it in carrying out these investigations. The customer will enter into the first agreements with the selected suppliers of Galley System, Galley Inserts, Seats and In-Seat Video System on or before 20 (20) calendar days after the supplier selection dates mentioned above, in order to actively participate in customer coordination activities with Boeing and Boeing, including the Initial Technical Coordination Meeting (ITCM).

The customer currently operates an aircraft of the same model as the aircraft. At the customer`s request, Boeing will develop and plan a tailored customer support program to support the aircraft. The adapted program is based on the permissions summarized below and corresponds to them. 5.2 Licensing. To the extent that the customer owns or obtains rights to aviation information, the customer grants Boeing a permanent, global and non-exclusive license for the use and disclosure of aeronautical information and the production of derivatives in Boeing`s data, as well as the information and products and services withdrawn by the customer. Customer identification information may be retained if necessary to enable Boeing to provide products and services that the customer has requested from Boeing, or To Boeing in order to inform the customer of Boeing`s additional products and services. This subsidy is in addition to any other rights granted in the agreements to provide this information to Boeing, whether or not that information is identified in such an agreement as aviation information, including all information provided under the in-service data program (ISDP). But we are also acquiring other large corporate aircraft from Bombardier, Dassault, Embraer and Gulfstream with the same meticulous processes we have developed for larger aircraft.

5.3 The customer provides aviation information to Boeing via an automated software stream needed to support fleet statistics. Boeing will support the customer under a separate agreement for mapping services to enable automated software flow. 5.7 Public notice. Boeing reserves the right to make a public communication regarding the purchase of the aircraft by the customer, after written authorization of Boeing`s press release by the customer`s public relations department or by any other authorized representative. The seller will not contract out without MDC`s prior written consent for the design, development or purchase of all or a substantial portion of the goods ordered under this heading. This restriction does not apply to the seller`s purchase of standard supplies or commercial raw materials. one. This order is MDC`s offer to the seller for implementation as part of the public or commercial financing of management risk, or a combination of it.