Check Applecare Agreement Number

Make sure your device is covered, and see what types of repairs and support are included in your coverage. Or find your contract number, purchase note and expiry date. If you know the serial number of the device in question, enter and enter the serial number into the corresponding field. You must also complete a security code to prove that you are a human being. Note: If you don`t have the sales box or envelope, or if you can`t find the card or booklet, contact AppleCare support with your original receipt (or order) and the serial number of the product covered by the agreement. Click “Check my service and support coverage status” to open a browser window. You may need to click “Allow” to continue. A web page containing the serial number of your computer and the status of the phone and repair service is open. The easiest way is online. Apple`s website has a page to check service and support coverage.

Enter your device`s serial number and it will tell you if you can buy Still AppleCare and run the process of buying and registering your plan. Get the serial number of your iPad, iPhone, iPod or any other Apple device. Tap devices with iOS on “Settings,” “General” and “On” to find the serial number. For iPod models that don`t run iOS, go to Settings, then “On” and press the repeated middle button until the serial number appears. Enter your serial number and click “Next.” You`ll see a page with your device`s support status. Fortunately, checking AppleCare coverage is pretty simple, and you can check all your devices in one place. Whether your Apple device is in the initial AppleCare warranty period or is covered by AppleCare, checking current coverage can be the first step to getting a repair. Find out what`s covered and what`s not. There are a few different routes you can take if you want to check AppleCare`s coverage for a single device. One requires that you have the device`s serial number at your fingertips, but that you can be made from any computer with a web browser and an Internet connection.

The other is to download an iPhone or iPad app. Of course, you should always read the full agreement before buying a warranty or insurance. With iMac, iMac Pro, Mac mini, Mac Pro. After purchasing the AppleCare Protection plan at You can sign up as follows: If you purchase your AppleCare agreement at the same time as your hardware products from the Apple Online Store, apple Retail Store or as an Apple reseller, your AppleCare contract can be automatically registered. To verify that your hardware is covered by the AppleCare agreement, click here. You will find the registration number of one of the AppleCare agreements in the following table: No. If you already know you want it, buying AppleCare with the product is a good idea, just so you don`t forget it.