Broker Dealer Agreement

If traders are used in this offer, the dealer manager will make economically reasonable efforts to encourage these traders to comply with all their respective obligations under the participating broker-dealer contract. All merchant obligations are proven by a participating broker-dealer agreement, unless the dealer manager obtains prior written approval from the company. . Parties: BLACK CREEK DIVERSIFIED PROPERTY FUND INC. Black Creek Capital Markets, LLC Black Creek Diversified Property Fund Inc. Black Creek Diversified Property Operating Partnership LP Black Creek Exchange LLC Document Date: 3/5/2020 Governing Law:New York Parties: TESLA, INC. Energy companies Panasonic Corporation (c) SANYO Electric Co, Ltd. Tesla Motors Netherlands BV Tesla, Inc. Document Date: 29.10.2019 This broker-dealer agreement can be executed in several counter-pieces, each of which must be original and all of which represent one instrument. Parties: RREEF PROPERTY TRUST, INC. DEUTSCHE AM DISTRIBUTOREN, INC.

RREEF PROPERTY OPERATING PARTNERSHIP, LP RREEF PROPERTY TRUST, INC Document Date: 17.02.2017 This broker agreement is not considered amended, amended, cancelled, cancelled or cancelled, except by a written document signed by a duly accredited representative of the parties. The auction agent entered into a broker-dealer contract with each broker-dealer before participating in an auction.